Wearing crystals as jewellery Vs the in your bra method.

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I believe that the majority of female crystal lovers have worn crystals in their bras at some time in their life, I’ve been known to keep a fair few in there!!! (thinking about it where do men store theirs to keep them close? Not sure boxers would hold them in?!?)

A few too many?!?

I love the feeling of having a rose quartz close to my heart at times of need and this is my go to stone when I need a little self love and belief.

When I first got into crystals, small tumbled stones were all I could afford and using my bra as a holder made perfect sense, of course you can keep them in your purse or in a little bag but to me I needed to feel the touch of them on my skin to feel the full benefits.

I am the proud owner of many beautiful tumbled stones and some much bigger ones that I definitely couldn’t fit in my bra haha but then I found out you could buy crystal jewellery and my life changed forever (and got much more expensive too).

I started off my crystal jewellery collection with hematite rings, I love hematite and felt I needed it to keep myself grounded, I have a very hectic mind and hematite really helps to keep my feet on the ground and makes me feel protected too. I am rather heavy handed though and hematite rings are rather brittle so after going through about 20 I decided to stick to hematite stones instead.

Crystals can be worn as a tumbled stone of your choice in a wire holder/cage (you can use these to make your own pendulum too) this is a very cost effective way of getting to change your pendant every day to whichever crystal suits your need.

There is a amazing choice of crystal necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings available now and most are handmade by people who love crystals as much as we do, you can really tell these pieces were made with love and understanding. Costs can vary but there are items to suit everyone’s budget and style.

I now wear crystal jewellery as much as I keep crystals in my bra and sometimes I do both at the same time!

I’m not a great flyer and recently took a flight with 3 crystals in my bra, 1 bracelet and 2 pendant necklaces, whatever works eh and it helped me immensely.

I can’t possibly chose a winner out of Bra Vs Jewellery. All crystals are amazing however you chose to wear them 💗

Peace and love


The Eclectic Star


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