Resin Starter Set



Resin Starter Kit

Want to learn how to use and enjoy the rich fragrance of resin? Our Resin Starter Kit will help get you started with everything you need for a rich, rewarding resin experience.


  • Incense Resin Variety Pack – 6 Packs Assorted Resin 
  • Incense Resin Burner – Made from Brass or Brass with Pewter Finish
  • Wood Coaster for Burner – prevents harming surfaces from heat
  • Charcoal Briquets for Burning Resin – Pack of 10 Briquets
  • Triple Moon Charcoal Tong
  • 4 oz Natural Sand

How to burn resin:

  • Fill an incense bowl or plate with at least 2″ of Sivana Sand
  • Light  a charcoal tablet using tongs and place charcoal tablet on sand
  • Wait several minutes until charcoal is hot and gray color throughout.
  • Sprinkle a pinch or two of incense resin directly on top of the hot charcoal
  • The incense will begin to smolder and release its beautiful aroma.


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