Buddah gold plated with Amonzite stone

by Mirabelle Jewellery



Buddah gold plated with  Amonzite stone

Very small sweet 22 Carat gold Plated   Buda with a Semi precious stone on a Gold plated short chain 45cm

The Buda measures 1.5cm, the main pictures shows Amazonite chip.

Amazonite makes you feel good, uplifted and creative.

Different legends tell of the name origin of Amazonite. It has been called the stone of courage and it is thought to be named after the Amazon women warriors of the Bronze Age. Other legends say it is named after the Amazon River.

Historical significance/folklore: Named after the Amazon River, Amazonite represents a balance between masculine and feminine energy. The Amazon river is named after the women warriors of the Amazon, who worshiped the moon goddess Diana. Hence, Amazonite is considered as a symbol of balance between masculine aggression and feminine values, promoting kindness and practicality.

Gemstone properties: Pacification is one of the highest regarded Amazonite stone properties. It seeks to soothe the mind and calm the disposition by dispelling negative energies and easing anxiety. Amazonite is believed to dissolve grief and fear and is considered an excellent charm to relax the brain and nervous system.  Amazonite rules the heart, throat, third eye and thymus Chakras and can be used to heal and bring about vibrational balance in these parts of the body.

Fair Trade, Hand Made.


Mirabelle Jewellery


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