Crystals to help alleviate your fear of flying

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Its that time of year again….holiday season is almost upon us here in the UK, for most people this is an exciting time but for some the excitement is reduced due to an unparalleled fear of flying.

I have this same fear and I have tried everything, Wine, Diazepams, sleeping tablets, pre flight and in flight meditation, all kinds of relaxing techniques, wine, and more wine, you get the picture……

Well one thing I have found that works and doesn’t make me feel groggy (or drunk) the other end is CRYSTALS.

You can carry crystals in your pocket, make a pouch or wear crystal jewellery, whichever suits your needs.

There are some amazing crystals out there to help reduce your anxiety & nerves and to help make flying a more enjoyable experience, so here goes….

My Top 4 Crystals for flying

Malachite – The guardian stone for travelers. This is one stone you want to have with you if you chose only one stone,  ancient lore states that if danger is on the horizon the Malachite will warn you by shattering into pieces. Also said to be great for jetlag as its a stone known to help with change and transformation.

Moonstone – Known as the travelers stone, especially good when traveling on or over water. Moonstone is said to bring good fortune for the person carrying it. Moonstone is a very protective stone and helps keep emotions calm and stress to a minimum.

Labradorite– The transformation stone (also known as the destiny stone) labradorite is known to awaken the intuitive you and is said to be a great traveling companion. This stone helps strengthen your natural capabilities and tempers negativity.

Amethyst – Known as the protection stone, this stone helps repel negativity and is a lucky stone to carry. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever to help calm anxiety and fear, will help uplift your mood and inspire joy. A great stone that will calm the most anxious of carriers.

Please ensure that you cleanse your existing crystals before you travel or if you are buying new crystals to take with you. The best way to do this is by placing them in a bowl of dry salt or in salt water for 24 hours or by smudging them. I love to smudge mine with a sage stick ( my next blog will be all about smudging).

You will also need to energize your crystals after cleansing. My favorite method is moonlight or sunlight. Just leave them exposed overnight for the moonlight method or during a sunny day for the sunlight method.

Enjoy your holidays and safe travels to all

Blessed be

Jess xxx

The Eclectic Star






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