The Eclectic star is my vision, I wanted to bring an eclectic mix of amazing holistic, spiritual and witchy products from independent designers, brands & retailers from all around the world, to be found in one place, here at The Eclectic Star to make your online shopping experience a magickal one.

The Eclectic Star was was born due to me wanting to live a more spiritual lifestyle, after years of living in the rat race, I wanted to find myself again. I had always been interested in alternative health and had been delving into my ‘witchy ways’ for many years but life had taken over and I had lost my way, I wanted to go back to basics.

I decided to start my own business, one that would help me to live the life I craved. I want to help others to nurture their spiritual side too. I want to make it easier for people to use and learn about products found naturally on and within the earth, I want to make a difference to enhance peoples emotional well being, to improve health  and to help us thrive in our busy day to day lives.

I LOVE all things natural, crystals, shells, wood, lava, rocks, plants & herbs, all things that were here way before we were.


My first love is crystals and I have been using them for many years, I love the way they can help you feel empowered, they have many healing benefits and there is a crystal to help alleviate most symptoms, be it medical or emotional.  My friends have laughed at my crystal obsession over the years as I rarely leave the house without a specific crystal for that day’s activities but they have all accepted my crystals in time of need. (I made crystal birthing sets for my female friends to help them get through labour plus many other reasons for gifting a crystal)

I have completed various crystal healing, spiritual & magick courses over the years and I’m currently learning Reiki too. I want to keep learning, we have forgotten the old ways and its time to bring them back.

Over time we seem to have forgotten about natural products and how to use them. With so many modern-day products and medicines available and sold to us as THE only option for mental well-being it’s easy to see why.

My dream is to be able to help enlighten everyone with information and to recommend products I have personally sourced to be sold via The Eclectic Star, to help you to feel happier and more positive in your day to day lives, I finally feel like I have found my calling in life and this is where I should be.

Love and Light

Jess xxx


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